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Beard Oil

A fabulous alchemy of botanicals and oils
that scents, softens, shines, and protects the beard
and keeps skin moisturized and vital.

From the times of ancient cultures to modern days, men have maintained the luxurious qualities of their beards with secret blends of oils and balms.

Oils were highly prized and sought after as the elegance of the beard has long been celebrated by those cultures from around the world. 

Our Elemental Beard Oil has drawn on thousands of years of knowledge to create a magical blend that any man would have been proud of. It scents, softens, shines, and protects the beard, keeping the skin moisturized and vital, and its natural antibacterial qualities keep beards of any size and style healthy and clean.

Our all-natural blend of 18 Carrier and Essential oils combine to protect, smooth, and moisturize your beard and beard skin. Similar to your body’s natural oils, it soaks deep into your skin to affect all layers, leaving a pleasant scent and smooth soft skin.

Plus our beard oil is great to use daily and it softens coarse hair and over time makes it more manageable. 

That’s why the modern man chooses Elemental Beard Oil for an instant healthy feelgood result.

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