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Discover the magical world
of the Elementals
natural beauty range

Elementals promote beauty and healing with magical blends of luxurious oils and brightening botanicals

Face & Body Oil

Restore and rejuvenate the seven layers of your skin with our secret blend of eighteen oils and botanicals.

Hair Serum

This cocktail of exotic ingredients works its magic to make your hair smooth, shiny, healthy and sumptuous. 

Sugar Scrub

A luxurious fusion of botanicals that gently buffs and polishes to leave your skin beautifully radiant and smooth.

Beard Oil

A fabulous alchemy of botanicals and oils that scents, softens, shines, and protects the beard and keeps skin moisturised and vital.

Our Story

For aeons women of the world have struggled against effects of sun, sand, cold and the multiple effects of diet, motherhood, menopause and aging.

Generations of healers found all they needed growing naturally. They perfected the art of extracting oils and blending elixirs to heal and promote beauty.

Elementals have harvested this ancient knowledge handed down from mother to daughter for generations. 

We bring beauty to life with our secret blends of the highest untampered, undiluted quality ingredients all responsibly sourced and certified.

Our gorgeous Elemental products are designed for the modern woman; they work fast to deliver beautiful results.

Begin your love affair with the magical world of the Elementals natural beauty range.

Lisa Callens, is the Elementals master blender and visionary.

‘Women deserve naturally beautiful, healthy skin and hair. Women understand what our bodies need and by keeping in harmony with the natural world I’ve discovered how we can achieve this.’ Lisa Callens 

By mastering secret blending arts handed to her by women from all over the world, Lisa’s products create astonishing results. 

Lisa draws on her experience as a chef and her insistence for top quality ingredients that transform her alchemaic in producing amazing blends of the highest quality oils and botanicals products.

For Lisa her Elementals line is not just her passion it’s her love affair with the magical properties of natural beauty.

I truly love my scrub. I use everyday and I ensure I scrub my elbows and knees, especially. It has truly softened my skin and lightened my elbows and knees. I love this all natural product and my husband loves it too.

Tammy Harrington

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